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Financial/Economic Analysis & Commentary  Top

Inca Kola News  With a heavy focus on Latin America, this professional equities analyst has much in the way of quality research and opinion to share.

Safe Haven  The name says it all. Preservation of capital is the theme. A constantly updating list of articles by analysts who focus on safety and reality first.

Seeking Alpha  Stock Market Opinions and Analysis.

Laurence J. Kotlikoff  BU professor of economics and author of "The Coming Generational Storm" as well as many timely articles focused on financial issues for future generations.

Northern Trust  NT's research team, led by Paul Kasriel, provides reputable economic analysis.

Institutional Advisors  Bob Hoye and his staff avoid hyperbole and emotion to provide clear analysis of various markets.

Speculative Investor  A subscription site featuring Steve Saville's even-keeled, rational approach to market analysis.

Prudent Bear  The site is recommended for Doug Noland's exceptional "Credit Bubble Bulletin" among other features.

The Daily Reckoning  Here you will find the insightful views of Bill Bonner, Kurt Richebächer and others.

Ludwig von Mises Institute  For the Austrian view of economics, which is decidedly different from ours in the USA.


Trading  Top
INO Trader's Blog  Insight and tools for traders.


Precious Metals Resources and Commentary  Top

Bullion Vault  Still the best way to trade and store gold bullion.

MetalAuGmentor  High quality analysis of precious metals and resource stocks.
Gold Eagle  Analysis focused mainly on the gold market. Loaded with interesting information and resources.

Silverseek  Silver market news, updates and articles.  Packed with quality information.

Goldseek  Gold market news, updates and articles.  Packed with quality information.

321gold  Quality gold market analysis, including that of the site owner, which is often timely and inciteful.
Gold Institute  Reviewing gold and silver exploration and mining companies.

Tulving Company  Price-competitive gold and silver dealer.  Shipping and insurance included.

US Rare Coin Investments  Specialist in rare and better date gold and silver coins since 1979.

Kitco  One stop site for precious metals quotes, analysis and commerce.


Base Metals  Top

Kitco Base Metals  Covering all the other metals.


The Inflation/Deflation Debate  Top

Hyperinflation.net  People think it can't happen here.  If it does, you will need to take very certain steps to mitigate its effects.

Germany, 1906-1925  Weimar Germany chronicled here.

The Great Depression  Modern Americans (and global trade partners) would do well to study a little history.

Elliott Wave International  Home of the world's most visible "deflationists", headed by Robert Prechter.

Inflation Calculator  And this only calculates the official inflation of the CPI!

InflationData.com  Loaded with what else, inflation data!

US DOL Consumer Price Index  Here are the official figures.

Making Sure "It" Doesn't Happen Here  Here is the 2002 speach by Ben S. Bernanke.  "It" may not happen here, but no word yet on the fallout of the Fed's actions against "It".


Market Intelligence  Top

McClellan Financial Publications  We use their services, we are not compensated in any and we think this is high quality intelligence.
Shadow Government Statistics  John Williams' analysis behind and beyond government economic reporting.

Open Market Operations  The Fed's open market operations shown here.

Timing Charts  Every CoT chart you could want.

CoT Charts  A world of possible financial futures.

CFTC.gov  Commodity Futures Trading Commission.  Commitments of Traders reports and other useful commodity market information.


Sensible Fund Options  Top

Hussman Funds  Doc Hussman runs his Strategic Growth and Total Return funds as if he's jealously guarding his clients' wealth by hedging through options and other risk management techniques when he feels market risk is high.  His weekly letter is highly recommended.

Profunds  Exceptional mutual fund tools. Whether you want to be long an index, short an index or even 200% short an index, this fund company gives you the flexibility to retool your IRA from bullish-only to a hedged, bear market-ready money maker. Only for experienced investors however.

Rydex Funds  See description directly above.  Rydex and Profunds give you ultimate flexibility in dealing with the markets.

ProShares  Same long, short or dynamic long/short flexibility as Profunds and Rydex with the added advantage of ETF's; execute trades in real time, not at market close.

Vanguard Group  If you must invest in bullish-only mutual funds, at least consider a low-cost, reputable company.  Plenty of index funds among others, to choose from.

Closed-End Fund Center  CEFs and ETFs are valuable tools for those wishing to flexibly trade or invest in specific markets or sectors without the cumbersome aspects of traditional mutual funds.

ETF Connect  The source for closed-end and index ETF's.


Charts & Technical Analysis  Top

Historical Charts of Interest  From sharelynx.  

Bigcharts.com  Nice chart site with many free tools.

Public Chart Lists  Stockcharts.com's extensive list of work by technicians posting their work for free.


Global Financial Resources  Top

Ordercurrency.com  Easily convert dollars to foreign currencies.

Realtime Forex  Trade Forex in real time.

ACM  Forex, Forex Trading, Currency trading with ACM.

StockHouse Canada  Canada is rich in energy, mining and other commodity resources. Hence one would do well to cast an eye up north for investing ideas.

Through the Wall  A cross-cultural guide to doing business in China.  From Asia Times.


Global News Resources  Top

People's Daily Online  News from our economic "ally", China.

Asia Times  Relevant articles on 'Greater China Business'.

Pravda  Russian News.

Gulfnews.com  What the name implies.


General Market & Stock Resources  Top

The NASDAQ Stock Market  Huge resource for investors and traders.

Insider-Monitor.com  Real time insider transactions.

Canadian Insider  Insider transaction reports on Canadian Companies.


Futures & Commodities  Top

CBOT  Chicago Board of Trade.

NYMEX  New York Mercantile Exchange.


Government, etc.  Top

Congressman Ron Paul  A rarity in congress; a voice for sound fiscal and monetary policy, limited government and free markets.

The National Archives  Home of the Charters of Freedom.

US Constitution  Original text provided by the Junto Society.

GAO  United States General Accounting Office.

The Federal Reserve  Investors must be aware of Fed policy at all time.

US Treasury  "We favor a strong dollar" is what they say.

The White House  Keep up with the Prez and his cabinet.

US House of Representatives  109th Congress, 2nd session.

US DOD  Today in DOD...

ECB  European Central Bank. 

BIS  Bank Of International Settlements.  


Sustainable Communities, Economies & Living  Top

EE21 Resources  'How important to save our environment'!

Composters.com  Online retailer specializes in composting & composting accessories

Solari  Thinking globally and acting locally, former investment banker and HUD administrator Catherine Austin Fitts' "investment advisory" company is much more than that.  Sustainable economic communities will be needed going forward, and these folks are advancing that concept admirably.

NESEA  Northeast Sustainable Energy Association.

ACF Greenhouses  Let the sun shine in.

Lehman's  Serving the Amish and others seeking a simpler life since 1955.

Clean Air Gardening  Environmentally friendly lawn and garden supplies.

Worm's Way  All things gardening and growing.

Heirloom Seeds  Growing a taste of yesterday...Today!

RareSeeds.com  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Preserving our ethnic heritage. 

Organic Gardening  Just what the name implies. 

Extremely Green  Organic gardening supplies.

The Meatrix  Animal cruelty, antibiotic resistant germs, pollution & destroyed communities.  All part of the Meatrix.

Alternative Self-sufficiency Survival Information Sites  Sharelynx' massive collation of sites.


Energy & Alternative Energy  Top

The Oil Drum  A community discussion about peak oil.

The Ux Consulting Company, LLC  Extensive resource covering Uranium production, conversion and enrichment.

UraniumSeek  Uranium News, articles & Reports

American Solar Energy Society  Dedicated to advancing the use of solar energy for the benefit of US citizens and the global environment.

US Department of Energy  News on official policy in the energy complex.

Uranium News  News from different sources covering uranium and the nuclear industry.

Energy Bulletin  Peak energy in the news.

Kohler  Generators and power systems.


Non-Mainstream Media, Politics and Views  Top

James Howard Kunstler  Author of 'The Long Emergency' and of course the weekly 'ClusterFuck Nation'.

Photo Activists for Peace  What the name implies.

RonPaulSongs.com  Steve Dore puts the Ron Paul campaign to a rockin' beat.

LewRockwell.com  Anti-state, Anti-war, pro market.

Aaron Russo's America  From freedom to Fascism. 

Debka  Starts where the media stop.  

AFR (Americans For Freedom)  Where true freedom begins with less government.

The American Conservative  Buchanan & company know what conservative really means.   

Truth Out  Another view of current issues. 

Wizbang  "Explosively unique..."

Freedom Force International  Impotentes Defendere Libertatem Non Possunt.

JRNyquist.com  Links, reading and resources.

Reclaimthemedia.org  Reclaiming the media.

Free Press  Reform media, transform democracy.


Paranoia  Top

Snopes.com  Urban legends reference pages.


Software  Top

[ CoffeeCup - HTML Editor & Web Design Software ]  Fresh software. Warm people.

Tech Support Alert  Gizmo offers reviews and a heck of a lot of "tech support".

Tucows  Loaded with free downloads.

NONAGS  The original & best. Genuine freeware site since 1995.

MajorGeeks.com  Loaded with geek tools.

FileForum  A good site for the latest downloads.

SnapFiles  Another excellent download site.


Technology  Top

EE Times  Global news for the creators of technology.

Wired News  Technology news and views.

ZDNet  Where technology means business.


Second Amendment / Personal Protection  Top

Glock  Official Glock firearms website.

Guncite.com  A large resource of 2nd Amendment and gun control issues.  

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms  Report of the subcommittee of the 97th Congress.



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