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"I continue to be amazed how you seem to find some of the most interesting ones - at the same time I do - because I only look at the charts after I look at the fundies, in order to guess on pricing."  --Frederick L  6.8.12












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About Biiwii.com

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Informal...  A right-brained visual learner with a geek's interest in charts and human psychology.


What Makes Us Who We Are


Gary Tanashian successfully owned and operated a progressive medical component manufacturing company for 21 years, keeping the company's fundamentals in alignment with global economic realities through various economic cycles.  The natural progression from this experience is an understanding of and appreciation for global macro-economics as it relates to individual markets and sectors.
Along the way, an almost geek-like interest in technical analysis (TA), a long-time interest in human psychology and various unique macro market ratio indicators were added to the mix, with the result being a financial market newsletter, Notes From the Rabbit Hole (NFTRH) that combines these attributes to provide a service that is engaged and successful in all market environments.

Year by Year Highlights:

2011 Highlights

To put it succinctly, 2011 was a year in which a lot of work was done for literally no return in the speculative portfolio.  It was a year that featured risk management as 'job 1' and thus a break even year makes sense.  Sometimes this is the hand that the market deals, and we must go by what the market thinks, not what we may think.  The capital preservation portfolio did just that, and put on a few percentage points in gains to boot.

The NFTRH newsletter continued its growth and the writer continued to focus his understanding of just whom the letter speaks to.  The NFTRH subscriber base is populated by investment professionals from firm owners/partners to traders to financial advisers, and individual investors who's primary goal is to manage risk as appropriate and capitalize as appropriate.  A common theme appears to be objectivity and a more mature view of the markets than the usual stock picks and 'bull' or 'bear' dogma.  This lets the writer know he is well on the right course.

All in all, a highly successful year in all areas but percentage return which, given the broad market's performance, was quite acceptable.  We move forward with optimism and confidence about the future.

2010 Highlights

As of the end of August, our self-imposed +5%, -5% portfolio trading range has been broken to the upside.  All portfolios are at all-time highs and when accounting for the crash of 2008, that is an accomplishment.  Why are they at all time highs?  Simple, we follow our own analysis in using what could be called 'forensic' indicators like market ratios, to get hints before the herd.  This is what market management is all about.  This space looks forward to updating the final results come end of year, because right now as the summer ends, things are getting very interesting and today's decisions stand to be rewarded handsomely or punished severely going forward.  The MACRO is changing.

We end a successful 2010 with a 42.5% gain in the NFTRH speculative portfolio.  This brings the gain from baseline (9/28/08) to 151%.

2009 Highlights

We are pleased to welcome technical analyst Carl Swenlin and fundamental analyst Mike Shedlock to the list of contributors to Biiwii.com's News & Analysis.

The 6 month mark of 2009 finds our portfolios not only fully recovered from what we dubbed 'Armageddon 08', but into new high territory.  A historic market crash has now been surmounted and we are well into risk management mode, while looking for future opportunities.

The 6 month mark also sees our newsletter Notes From the Rabbit Hole (NFTRH) gaining momentum and increasing its subscriber base steadily.  This is no accident.  The letter is improving by leaps and bounds and the feedback from subscribers has been great.

The NFTRH 'Speculation' Portfolio finishes +63% for 2009, with the 'Capital Preservation' Portfolio +21%.  A very good year, in many ways.  While the predictable rally off of 'Armageddon 08' goes on longer than we expected, the gold stocks - our most fundamentally bullish sector - performed like champs and we pretty much caught all the corrections and rallies in '09.

2008 Highlights

It is a pleasure to welcome our friend 'Otto Rock' of the Inca Kola News who in real life is a Latin American equities analyst living in and observing this important market.  We also welcome John Browne, Senior Market Strategist for Euro Pacific Capital.  We are trying to bring you the views of people whose main goal is to get it right, not just sell you something.

We take 1st place in the SINLetter stock contest of "top financial bloggers" with a Q1 gain of 21.52% which is no small feat considering the err, problematic markets during this period.  We were the only entry to register a profit and that is not luck; that is what technical analysis can do for you.

After years of consideration, we have finally decided to go with our passion and launch the weekly newsletter, Notes From the Rabbit Hole (NFTRH) in September, 2008.  The timing could have been better, as the launch coincided with one of the greatest financial crashes in history.  We consider this a plus in the long run because it is easy to be right in a bull market but you make your bones in all markets.

We end 2008 with our speculative and capital preservation portfolios both back above NFTRH baseline (from September, 2008) and down for the year 22% and 8% respectively.  The partial recovery is due to the fact that we were doing what we were supposed to do in the height of panic; keeping cool and buying quality gold stocks at ridiculously low prices.

2007 Highlights

We are pleased to be "Seeking Alpha Certified", which in short means that our work is considered by this popular financial website to be of the highest integrity and standards.  This is what we set out to accomplish in 2004 amid (in our opinion) too much hyperbole and gaming in the financial media.

Our work has been picked up by a very discriminating investment website called Best Way To Invest (bestwaytoinvest.com).

We wrap up another challenging year (it is never easy, is it?) with an 11.3% gain in the actively managed account.  2007 saw us continue to tone down our own opinion making while adding several analysts we respect to our 'guest commentary' roster.  Analysts like Peter Schiff, Steve Saville, Bob Hoye, Clif Droke and others.  We are also pleased to present the sobering views of Michael Panzner from the financial-economic side and the colorful James Howard Kunstler from the socio-economic side.  Biiwii.com continues to be a website that brings you only what we consider to be content of the highest quality, regardless of whether it is positive, negative, bullish or bearish... Separately, we have learned that the name of our website, 'But it is what it is' has made Lake Superior State U's list of banished words and phrases.  After four years of putting the phrase out there and operating accordingly (dealing w/ reality) we have either gone big time or gone defunct.  We won't trouble ourselves as to which is the case.  ;-)

2006 Highlights

We are pleased to have our work presented by Bull! Not bull! and even more pleased to present proprietor M.A. Nystrom's work on our site.

Our A Golden Opportunity on the Horizon? was quoted by none other than the Mogambo Guru, AKA Richard Daughty.

And so, we move on.  Our widely published commentary will be less frequent going forward.  We have endeavored to write the truth as we see it regarding the precarious nature of a debt-for-consumption based economy and the dangers therein.  The question then becomes how do you keep writing about simple truths without falling into self-parody?  Answer: You don't.  The fact that you don't get something for nothing is all one needs to know.  From here on, we analyze macro markets and asset classes we consider vital and productive.

Seeking Alpha has entered into an agreement with Yahoo! Finance whereby SA editorial contributors are highlighted in the 'Financial Blogs' category.

We are pleased to have our work presented by Silverstrategies.com.

Trading and investment website WallStreetWindow.com begins publishing our commentary and analysis.

We close out 2006 on an up note with the high quality, information packed gold market website Goldseek.com publishing our analysis.

Our "Actively Managed" Portfolio ends 2006 at +28.3% after a challenging, yet ultimately successful year.

2005 Highlights

Der Invest Informant, a Berlin, Germany based financial site, has joined the list of sites now directly publishing our commentary.

Another respected analyst, Rick Ackerman, highlights our views on deflation (made via email response to a thought provoking article by Rick) on his website.

Free Market News Network begins publishing our commentary. 

Seeking Alpha joins the list of sites that regularly publish our work.

2004 Highlights

Biiwii.com is born in June, 2004 and puts out its first commentary, FrankenMarket Lives!

Our commentary is published directly by Financial Sense, Safe Haven, 321Gold, &  Gold Eagle and reproduced by many other global sources.

'Now I get it!' presented in its entirety by Richard Russell in his Dow Theory Letters newsletter (ed: unfortunately, without proper attribution to this website) and quoted by The Daily Reckoning in Who Wants to be a Jillionaire?

Received some nice, positive feedback from members of the financial and academic communities.  This is the kind of thing that keeps us keepin' on here at biiwii. 

Finally, we have received thoughtful email from around the world.  Different perspectives keep us from operating in a vacuum.



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