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Market Extremes Are a Good Thing - A 'White Paper' on Big, Contrarian Macro Setups (3.1.13)

Most of an investor's time should be spend managing trends, with all due risk management as needed.  But periodically, the big macro picture offers something more - for contrarians who have managed to remain in position despite so much negative reinforcement from the media and the public at large.

Risk Management & TA; a Case-Based White Paper (2.25.13)

Once again using the 2012/2013 gold sector correction as an example of how risk management and technical analysis can help players avoid the worst of downturns and also avoid buying too eagerly before risks have cleared.

Sentiment, TA & the Gold Correction (2.17.13)


A review of the importance of sentiment and technical analysis in guiding market management.  This article uses the gold sector correction of late 2012, early 2013 as an example.








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